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Options to Consider with Retirement Towns

What makes an ideal town for retirement?

Proximity to a larger city or center. Ideally, you would be no more than half an hour away from a major city, and the city would have robust health care including a well-equipped hospital with emergency services and excellent care services all around.

For example, London, Ontario is home to a number of excellent hospitals and is surrounded by innumerable small towns ideal for retirement. These places are all ideal to retire in and we urge you to check out retirement in Petrolia & Chatham and places such as Arva.

Hamilton, Ontario is another great example of a city with world-class healthcare, surrounded by many very pleasant, peaceful small towns. There are several ideal centers around Hamilton, such as Stoney Creek or Mount Hope. Consider retiring in Dundas.

Retirement towns with a variety of local activities.

You want the town you retire in to have some interesting local activities for yourself... and also for your family. You don't need anyone else to tell you to live where there are activities you enjoy. You can double your pleasure, though, by retiring to a town family wants to visit, as well. One of the most common complaints from retirees is that kids and grandkids do not come to visit. Make it appealing for family to visit by settling into a retirement town where there are activities and things they like to do.

First, be sure you know what they like to do (ask them!) then make sure those kinds of activities are close by. It's much more appealing for your golf-playing son to visit you if there is a nearby golf course for you to tee off together at. It's a lot more appealing for your theatre-loving daughter's family to visit your retirement town if there is a local theatre company that puts on great plays. Retirement homes in Goderich, Ontario, for example, have this appeal along with the fact that there are copious nearby beaches and beach and boating activities during summer.

Of course, the retirement town should also have other features you like. If you like boating or temperate weather, is it near a big lake? Is it near family? Does it have stores that you like? No one can tell you the right retirement town for you. Here's a list of links to homes in other great retirement towns you should know about:


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