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Seniors' Care Concerns

Senior Care Comes in a Variety of Forms

Most often, people search for senior care on a very reactive basis, after a senior relative has fallen ill or had a fall. It is more ideal to prepare yourself for this eventuality and to fully understand your senior care options before you are in a rush to find proper care. This way, you are prepared for a variety of scenarios, discovered when you have a level head and time to search properly, with a plan in mind.

Providing senior care on your own

Families concerned about the need for senior care need to ask themselves the following questions before they decide to let a parent/ grandparent move in with them:

  • Can you really provide care, on call 24 hours a day?
  • Can you guarantee that your parent/grandparent can fend for his or herself in the event of an accident or other mishap, those times that you are not around?
  • Is it better for your parent/grandparent to stay where they are in their familiar surroundings or would they benefit more so from being in a safe, secure, monitored environment?
  • Ask yourself honestly: how long will you be able to live with your senior parents and provide them the best care?
  • Will your children be adversely affected, or will family relations otherwise suffer, with the added stress?

There are numerous options when you consider the need for senior care:
For seniors who require extended care, long term care facilities, often government run, are a viable alternative. If you are a resident of Ontario, you can consult your local Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) to learn your options in long term care facilities.

Home health care is an option in many provinces, although many programs rely on government funding or volunteers in order for them to work. As such, home health care programs have problems with reliability and uncertainty. That being said, there is tremendous value in keeping ailing people in their own homes as they recover from health issues. We invite you to learn more about senior care in Ontario.


Specialized care provided in senior homes

Assisted Living senior care is provided in a variety of retirement homes where there are many accessibility features and amenities that assist seniors, helping them remain independent. Assisted living senior care will also include supervised care or on-call personal care provided by highly qualified staff in these homes. Learn more about this kind of senior care.

Long-term senior care is available in a wide variety of retirement homes, where there is much more personal attention provided as required, to protect and serve those who are vulnerable due to illness or infirmity. Learn more about long term care for seniors.

Care for seniors suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. This debilitating, degenerative disease requires special attention and expertise, as provided by many retirement homes with specialized facilities and experienced staff. Learn more about Alzheimer's senior care.

Retirement homes, while they are the most expensive option often, also offer the most reliable option when it comes to finding care for your senior loved one. Below, please find a list of superb retirement homes offering unparalleled senior care.


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