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Live the life you want to live, do the things you want to do

As baby boomers move into retirement, active retirement continues to be a growing sector of retirement living. Boomers have more resources than their parents did, and they are demanding more as well.

They also don't plan to be senior citizens in the traditional sense. Active adult living communities are created with that lifestyle in mind: to remove the mundane burdens from everyday life and allow residents to relax with a group of people who share similar interests, passions and active lifestyles.

Owning a home

Active adult living communities are ideal for healthy, on-the-go adults considering or already beginning their retirement. These communities can include single-family homes as well as condos. Occupants typically lease or purchase the residence, though fees also include the costs associated with maintenance, programs, and meal plans. Unlike typical subdivisions, active living communities often include many of the amenities we more readily associate with resorts: indoor swimming pools, golf courses, and dedicated transportation.

Playing a role

Also unique to active living is the opportunity to play an active role within the community. While some programs may be arranged by staff, more typically they are established and run by the residents. Programs can include social events, such as weekly dance lessons, though there are provisions for volunteerism, within the community boundaries and in the community beyond them. The opportunities are based in interest, and range from mentoring youth, to volunteering within local hospitals, to organizing sporting events, to teaching classes.  

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