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Todays' retirement homes offer many features that people do not realize or do not know how much they will really appreciate once they move in.

The Scarborough Retirement Centre's gourmet club is 'one of the best ideas.'

The Scarborough Retirement Centre has a new gourmet club, a library and lots of activities. But the one amenity that nearly everyone talks about is the 24-hour tearoom, where residents can get a beverage or a snack.

"It's one of the best ideas I've ever seen," says Martha Freeman, 82. "A lot of people who can't sleep at night come down here, and there's always someone to chat with over a cup of tea."

Delmanor Retirement Residence in Oakville, Ontario is 'an added bonus'

The housekeeper, Shannon Bearstow, is giving their spacious apartment its weekly dusting and polishing, while their marmalade cat, Tiger, examines a visitor.

One reason Dr. Dick Potter, 91, and his wife, Enid, 82, moved from their house in Belleville to Delmanor Retirement Residence in Oakville, says Enid, "was we just couldn't get help in the house." An added bonus: Dr. Potter, Ontario's health minister from 1972 to 1974, has become steadier on his feet thanks to exercise classes and more activity.

Why Oakville? They have 11 grandchildren, some of whom live nearby, and nearly every week one or another comes by for a meal. "It's so nice in the dining room," says Enid. "And the staff are so friendly."

"Well, you are at home," says Shannon, pausing in her dusting.

Learn more about Delmanor in Oakville.

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