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BUILDING Ideas For Your Shop  


While building my 4th shop I thought some of the layout and storage ideas may be of interest to woodworkers that visit my ENDesigns web site.  My goals for this new shop are:
bulletMore pleasant and convenient place to work
bulletSeparate work and storage areas
bulletEasy to clean and maintain, with nothing on the T111 paneled walls, supplies and wood stored in walled off areas with doors to the shop


bulletTOOL CABINET (The heart of our shop storage & featured below) - Hand woodworking & power tools
bulletUTILITY CART - Tools in frequent use near the work area
bulletCLAMP BENCH - An additional small work bench, which holds 4 specialty vices, 3 on bases that can be clamped to the bench, and over 160 clamps of all sizes.
bullet3 UNIT MECHANICS TOOL CHEST - Mechanic tools


bulletWOOD -Lumber, blocks, veneers, rustic pieces and cut offs
bulletSUPPLIES & EQUIPMENT - General supplies and hardware, paints and finishing supplies, stationary tool accessories, jigs, HVLP sprayer and air compressor, etc.

 The above storage areas are described in more detail below


                  TOOL CABINET




Mortise and tenon post and beam frame Jatoba frame with floating Aspen panels.

Overall dimensions are 82W X  84H X 22D (depth of cabinet boxes).

Drawer faces are book match curly Koa veneer.

Shop made drawer and door pulls are Jatoba and Panga Panga.

The 2 side towers joined at the top, center and base form a 3rd tower in the center.  Cabinet disassembles for distant moving....8 heavy duty casters connected to the side towers for moving in the shop.


Tools are arranged in related categories in the 3 upper sections.

Interior L shaped shelf units, tool racks, drawer like tool blocks and the 2 drawer units are all removable.

Door racks hold tools related to the interior section contents.

Continuous hinges connect center and side doors to the side cabinet tower inside frames.

9 varying height tray type drawers hold hand power tools.

The drawer trays are 3/4 dovetailed Oak with Teak slides and guides.


Side cabinet towers joined with removable lighted top unit, center shelf with lighted external try, and bottom front and back removable panels.

Shown with solid Aspen back center panel attached and removed.

Center drawer support ladders are attached to side cabinets.

Drawer support ladders are removable if necessary.

Casters are mounted on thick Oak blocks supported by corner braces and the cabinet frame.


Upper Left Section - Chisels, Carving & Cabinet Screw Drivers

Door racks hold 15 cabinet screw drivers, 16 Japanese bench chisels and several shaping tools in convenient reach.

Removable 2 drawer unit holds an entire collection of Fordem and Dremel bits and tools in the top drawer and over 70 wood files of all sizes in the lower drawer.

7 REMOVABLE CHISEL & KNIFE RACKS allow taking groups of tools where they will be used for carving or turning.

2 wood turning chisel racks for large and small turning chisels.

3 carving chisel racks for Japanese chisels, small chisels and palm chisels.

Chip carving knife rack stored in the back of the cabinet.

Checkering chisel rack also in the back.


 Upper Center Section - Planes, Saws, Veneering and Shaping Tools

Removable 5 level L shape shelf unit provides flexible storage for planes.  The left door shelves hold small planes and shaping tools.

Saws are mounted on both sides of a sliding removable rack.  Door brackets hold smaller saws for a total of 14 saws.

         Left Interior side                            Center View                                        Right Interior Side



 Upper Right Section - Drilling Routing & Measuring

Removable 3 level L shape shelf unit holds drawer like tool blocks for all types of bits including, drill,  Fostner, router, mortise, brace plus wood threading and leather forming tools.

Removable caliper rack, stored on the right side of the cabinet and shown below, can be placed conveniently near the lathe when turning.  These tool blocks and racks are shown removed from the cabinet below.

Door racks hold squares, rules and a wide range of measuring tools in convenient reach.

Shelf unit sits on a removable 2 drawer box, which holds an entire collection of drafting tools, French curves and templates.  The second drawer currently holds oversized long drill bits not frequently used.




 9 Lower Drawers

The 9 lower drawers have heavy duty 3/4  Oak dovetailed trays with 1/2 thick plywood bottoms and 3 different face heights to accommodate most hand power tools.

Top Row (left to right) - Carving & wood burning, framing & brad nail guns, doweling & wood threading.

Center Row - Foredom, Dremel & detail sanders, Power planes, Routers.

Bottom Row - Saws & sanders, disc & belt sanders, biscuit joiner & special drills.

Constantly used hand power tools are kept in the utility cart.


UTILITY CART - Designed for use with the tool cabinet


This handy utility cart holds tools in frequent use near a work bench or project.  In several cases, such as screw drivers,  I decided to include an entire set even though some are not used as often.

The cart holds 20 standard and Philips screw drivers, 10 pliers, 19 mallets & hammers & 6-12 hand power tools in frequent use during a project, 10 common rules and squares and various supplies and other tools used with the current project.

Overall dimensions of this Oak and Aspen cart are 34W X 42H X 24D.....cabinet itself is 26W







  CLAMP BENCH - Undergoing an an alteration.  Available later

Holds 60 bar, pipe and wood clamps plus over 100 C and other clamps plus 4 special vices (Corner, small woodworking, angle and mechanics vices)




   SHOP STORAGE TIPS - Supplies Outside The Shop

Moving a large shop involved a lot of organizing and consolidating of all the different supplies.  Many woodworkers probably use some of these ideas but I thought it would still be helpful to mention them anyway.

Clear Plastic Fishing Tackle Trays - I had shelves of half empty boxes and storage chests of screws, bolts, nuts, washers and nails.  I sorted them out into about 10 tackle trays by size and type.  The trays are stacked in a metal cabinet where they are easy to sort through.  This simple idea has saved me numerous trips to the hardware store to buy something I already had but didn't easily find.

Storage Tubs - Much of my shop was packed up and labeled in plastic tubs for storage while moving.  Many of the supplies and some selected tools still remain in these convenient and easy to store appropriate size tubs, which I store on metal shelves outside the shop in a walled of area.  Examples of items stored in separate tubs are: Paint brushes, quart size and under paint, stains, varnishes and clear finishes, spray paint, glue of various types, cleaning and polishing supplies, tape, tiling and wall paper tools, sandpaper to mention a few.  This enclosed area is much easier to keep clean and I know if its not in the appropriate tub I don't have it.

Veneer Cart - Photos will be included soon.  This cart holds all of my veneer inventory on 2 levels.

As my new shop continues to develop I will add other ideas for your consideration.  We are building projects and the shop at the same time so the shop will not be totally completed for sometime.  We have 5 projects lined up for this winter and spring.

Thanks for your interest



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